The special rules on expedited arbitration are new, and their purpose is to contribute to greater efficency of arbitration process. It is assumed that the parties have agreed on this procedure if the amount in dispute is less than EUR 50,000 or its countervalue in RSD. Parties may agree to exclude the application of these rules in the disputes where the amount in dispute is less than EUR 50,000 of minor value, as well as they may agree to their application in the disputes of greater value.

Expedited arbitration is always conducted by a sole arbitrator. The  for time- limite for submitting the answer to the statement of claim is shortened and amounts to 15 days. Following the answer to the statement of claim, the claiment may state its position regarding the answer to the statement of claim within next 15, upon which the respondent may within 15 days state its position regarding the claimant's submission. Upon exchange of submissions, the parties are not allowed to present new facts and submit new evidence, unsless  the opposing party and the sole arbitrator agree to it. Exceptionally, the sole arbitrator may not allow such submission, if it finds it neccessary for making a lawful award.

As a rule, only one oral hearing is held. Decision is made without a hearing if the arbitrator considers that the hearing is not necessary and if none of the parties requests a hearing to be held. The arbitrator makes an award within 15 days from the day of the hearing, or the day on which the conditions for making the award were met without holding a hearing. The arbitrator only states a summary of the reasons upon which the award is based, unless the parties have agreed that no reasons should be stated.